Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Songs of 2012

Alright everybody, part 2 of my end-of-the-year lists! My Top Ten Favorite Songs of 2012 are as follows:

1. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye - So, like I said before, this was definitely the year of Gotye, and this song has been playing consistently in my head, on my iPod, and, at least for part of the year, on the radio. It's SUCH A DAMN GOOD SONG. You CANNOT convince me otherwise. If you want to know what I think about this song, go read my Top Five Favorite Albums of 2012 list.

2. Thrift Shop feat. Wanz - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - This is a straight-up fun song! No one can dispute that. It's so easy to just get into the music and jam while listening to this song. Plus, it's about thrift shopping, which is one of my greatest loves. The lyrics are hilarious and clever, and Wanz's voice adds just the right amount of soul.  It's only gained popularity relatively recently, but since then I've heard it a lot among my friends. Apparently, I'm not the only one who likes it!

3. Breezeblocks - Alt-J - This song is deliciously dark. The lyrics are kind of hard to make out sometimes, and they are deceptive; it sounds kind of sweet if you aren't really paying attention (Please don't go/I love you so), but they're really about that kind of obsessive love that makes you want to put that person inside of you and force them to stay with you. Eep. Plus, the singer's voice is awesome.

4. Bad Religion - Frank Ocean - Ugh, Frank Ocean. His voice is so smooth and perfect, and in this song he uses it to to beautifully convey his fear and desperation. This song is pretty much about coming out as, well, being able to love boys, and unrequited love and seeking solace and it is GORGEOUS.

5. Bright Whites - Kishi Bashi - 100% THE happiest song that I have heard all year. You seriously can't beat Kishi Bashi for great, weird music. It seems like it took forever for this song to appear in a commercial, when I expected it to be in almost every car and department store commercial. It's just SO HAPPY! I defy you to listen to this song and not be in a better mood than you were before.

6. Video Games - Lana Del Rey - I know this song technically first debuted in 2011, but the album it's on came out this year so it still counts. I love love love Lana Del Rey, and I love most of her songs, but this song is pretty much unbeatable. It's so deliciously sentimental and pretty. This is the song I usually play for people when I want to expose them to the glory that is Queen Lana. It's still just as beautiful listening to it now as it was when I first heard it, almost a whole year ago.

7. Andrew In Drag - The Magnetic Fields - The Magnetic Fields are so WEIRD, but I really like them. I especially really like this super fun little ditty. It's just so clever and funny! It's easy to dance and to sing along to, and the story that the lyrics tell is great. What a good song!

8. Drifting In and Out - Porcelain Raft - I know literally nothing about Porcelain Raft, but I heard this song in the trailer for Celeste and Jesse Forever and I fell in love with it. I love the dreaminess and the synth-y noises, and the way you can't really tell what the singer is saying but how it doesn't really matter anyway. Maybe I should listen to more Porcelain Raft if all of their songs are like this...

9. The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids - God, what a good song! The rest of this album was pretty blah to me, although I could probably afford to give it another listen, but this song is freaking awesome. It's so hopeful and... determined? Sure, let's go with that. And the lyrics! "When they love you, and they will/Tell them all they'll love in my shadow/And if they try to slow you down/Tell 'em all to go to hell." DAMN!

10. Genesis - Grimes - I JUST heard this song for the first time and I had to put it on this list immediately. It's so cool. I love Grimes's ethereal, echoey voice, and how it shifts to a childlike choir sound. It sounds like some kind of Japanese fairytale song.

And those are my Top Ten Favorite Songs of 2012! I like a lot of other songs too (duh), like "Werewolf" by Fiona Apple, "Sixteen Saltines" by Jack White, "Do It With A Rockstar" by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, "Okay Cupid" by Kitty Pryde, "Forever" by Haim, "Halcyon Days" by Two Gallants, "Henrietta" by Yeasayer, and "Demons" by Sleigh Bells. Plus a lot more!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll post the regular Something Great Sunday entry, and then on Monday I'll culminate this year and these lists with my Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2012! Stay tuned!

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