Thursday, June 13, 2013

Upstream Color Review

My friend Hannah has been on my case to watch this movie for quite a while, and after hearing an interview with creator Shane Carruth on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn (here's a link to the podcast episode if you'd like to listen to it) I knew I had to stop putting it off. Then, lo and behold! The Netflix gods smiled down on us all and gave us Upstream Color on Instant Streaming. And can I just say, wow?
Note: spoilers ahead.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Playlist: Summer To Your Heart

It's the first post in June, and guess what! I'm starting a new monthly feature wherein I post a playlist! Since summer starts this month, I'd say it's only appropriate for me to post my summer playlist, which I make every year to listen to in the car as I drive around, windows down, etc. So without further ado, Summer To Your Heart! (Note: Some of the songs on here are NSFW)

1. Demon To Lean On - Wavves
2. Ceilings - Local Natives
3. Look At the Light - Sin Fang
4. Leyndarmál - Ásgeir Trausti
5. Shadow of Love - She & Him
6. ay shawty 3.0 (feat. lakutis) - ♡kitty♡
7. White Dove - Jenn Grant
8. Ride - Lana Del Rey
9. Sure as Spring - La Luz
10. Try Me Out Sometime - BRONCHO
11. Passaway - Pomegranates
12. Young Lady - Kid Cudi
13. Lord Knows - Dum Dum Girls
14. Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware
15. My Love Won't Wait - Two Gallants
16. The John Wayne - Little Green Cars
17. I Belong In Your Arms - Chairlift
18. Get Lucky [feat. Pharrell Williams] - Daft Punk
19. I Love It - Icona Pop
20. Hands On the Wheel (feat. A$AP Rocky) - Schoolboy Q
21. Bare Feet and Summer Teeth - The Animals at Night
22. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe - Kendrick Lamar
23. In The City - Caveman
24. Put Me to Work - PAPA
25. Midnight City - M83
26. Hard To Find - The National