Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lincoln Review

Okay, I saw this movie on Friday, but it's taken me a couple of days to really sit down and write this review. I know it's only my third review, and I don't want to freak anyone out by changing up the format, but frankly, a list of things I liked and didn't like doesn't do this movie justice. Even though I really love movies, like, a lot, and I think that they're one of the highest modern art forms, I try to approach them with an excited attitude and not take everything so seriously - hence, the silly lists. But Lincoln... I'm almost certain that this movie is going to be added to the American film canon one day. It was totally incredible.

Spoilers ahead, if you've never cracked open a history book.

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags

Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

NSFW - swearing, so pop them headphones in
I am eternally grateful to my friend Kitty for showing me this song. I cannot. Stop. Listening to it. Also Macklemore is really fucking attractive and I can't handle it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looper Review

LOOPER. This movie is awesome. PURE AWESOME. I was honestly expecting it to just be another Inception-Matrix-type thing, but it really creates its own unique world. I went into it thinking it would just be a chase movie, based on the trailers, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be hunting down Bruce Willis, or they would both be hunted down together, but boy was I wrong!

AHOY! Spoilers ahead.

Wreck-It Ralph Review

Gonna be honest here: despite being a fiend for animated movies, I wasn't particularly interested in seeing Wreck-It Ralph. It just looked like a lame Disney movie. It wasn't until I saw all of the insane amounts of fan art on tumblr that I thought, "Hmm, maybe I ought to check it out." Of course, the possibility that it might be nominated for Best Animated Feature was pretty encouraging, too. So, on my first night of Thanksgiving break I met up with my best friend, Olivia, who goes to Syracuse and who I hadn't seen in months, and we went and saw Wreck-It Ralph! Note that this is my first real review and so it's probably going to be bad, or weird, or something. Whatever.

Spoilers ahead, if you actually care about that.

An Introduction

Look, God knows there's absolutely no need for another blog on this here world-wide-web. That's the thing about said www, though; basically everything online is entirely unnecessary. I'm inclined to think that there is probably someone somewhere who would enjoy reading my ravings about things that I like to watch/read/listen to. And I think my friends would likely appreciate me chewing off someone else's ear about movies and comics for a while.
So, allow me to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet! I hope you enjoy reading my opinions on random aspects of culture. Even if you don't, I'm going to be writing it.
This whole introduction is a little pointless and self-indulgent so why don't we just jump right in.