Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looper Review

LOOPER. This movie is awesome. PURE AWESOME. I was honestly expecting it to just be another Inception-Matrix-type thing, but it really creates its own unique world. I went into it thinking it would just be a chase movie, based on the trailers, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be hunting down Bruce Willis, or they would both be hunted down together, but boy was I wrong!

AHOY! Spoilers ahead.

Things I really liked about Looper:
  • The premise. I thought it was really inventive and well-executed. I mean, obviously time travel has been done before. But the Looper universe was well-built in that it had established rules which, from what I remember, were consistently followed.
  • Paul Dano. I LOVE PAUL DANO! I saw him for the first time this year, in this and Ruby Sparks, and wow.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance. I forgot it was JGL many, many times. You never forget that Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis, but JGL really became a young Bruce Willis, in my opinion.
  • The scene where Old Seth is falling apart. I thought that was so cool! All of his limbs vanishing. Awesome.
  • The hover bikes. I just enjoyed them.
  • The whole "gotta kill the Rainmaker" conflict. That really threw me for a loop! DO YOU GET IT????? LOOP!!!!!
  • The actor who played Cid. I could not handle how good this kid was. He really gave the impression of a highly intelligent, bitter little kid. I thought he did an amazing job.
  • Emily Blunt's American accent. She did an excellent job with her whole performance, really.
  • The scene where Cid killed the Gat man. My heart was pounding the whole time.
  • The setting. I'm a sucker for an American west setting, especially if it's got a sci-fi or fantasy aspect to it.
  • The end. HOLY CRAP! I did not see that coming at all, but it was so, so satisfying.
Things I didn't really like about Looper:
  • Why did Sara and Joe have to have sex?? That seemed so unnecessary to me.
  • JGL's eyebrows. They bothered me.
Looper was just really well done, guys. I was completely involved the whole time I was watching the movie. I had my hand on my heart or over my mouth literally the entire last hour. I loved the atmosphere and the plot and everything. I'm so happy I got to see this movie before it went all the way out of theaters (I saw it in a second-run theater with my dad). It was predictable in the best way, in the sense that there were clues and foreshadowing that let you know what was going to happen, as long as you paid attention and were able to puzzle it out. It made me really happy and you should definitely see it. I give it nine out of ten stars.

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