Sunday, December 23, 2012

Something Great Sunday 12-23-12

Yes, yes, I know I missed a week of Something Great Sunday. I'm not going to apologize, though, because no one really reads this blog anyway! Let's begin.

1. End-of-the-year music lists - I LOVE END OF THE YEAR MUSIC LISTS! Right now I'm listening to Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of the Year, but I also love NME's lists, especially this one, which compiled a bunch of OTHER websites' lists into one big aggregated list of the best albums of the year! Geez, try saying "list" one more time, Maddie.

2. Professor Layton and the Last Specter - I adore the Professor Layton games, and I've been playing this one quite a bit! It's good, puzzling fun.

3. Nylon magazine - I'm waaay behind on reading my Nylon magazines, and I gotta renew my subscription, but this magazine is really awesome! I know print is dying, or whatever, but I don't care, I will read Nylon forever.

4. King of the Hill - I've discovered that this is the perfect thing to watch on Netflix if you're stumped. I'm in the mood for King of the Hill literally all of the time. My friends Kitty and Emily are both super scared of the animation on this show for some reason, and it's hilarious.

5. Watching The Hobbit, Hugo, and Reservoir Dogs all in one day - This happened on Thursday. What a lovely day of movies! I saw The Hobbit with Kitty, Hugo with my Dad, and Reservoir Dogs with my friends Callie and Connor. They were all SO GREAT.

6. Archer - This guy Franklin from film committee got me into this show by not being able to shut up about it. Finally, at the film committee Christmas party, we watched a few episodes before the midnight showing of Inglourious Basterds, and I really liked it! So I've started watching all of the episodes on Netflix. I'm about halfway into season 2, and I'm loving it. Archer is completely hilarious. I've been watching it all week and it's awesome.

7. Podcasts - I looove podcasts, but I always lose track of listening to them. Right now I'm backed up by about, like, 90 episodes. It sucks. But I have to listen to them all because they're great! My favorite podcasts of all are most of the Maximum Fun podcasts - specifically, My Brother, My Brother and Me, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, and Throwing Shade - along with WNYC's Radiolab and NPR's All Songs Considered. Go listen to them ALL!

8. Grimes - I really, really like Grimes. I really just heard about her this past week, and wow. What have I been missing?? I especially love her song "Genesis", but mostly I just think she's super cool. Be prepared for me to review Visions, her most recent album.

9. Rookie - I FINALLY got caught up on Rookie! Meaning I read pretty much every article they've ever posted, which I've been attempting to do since July. In case you didn't know, Rookie magazine is pretty much the greatest thing ever. It's a magazine made by and for teenage girls, and the inimitable Tavi Gevinson is the editor-in-chief (I want to be Tavi's best friend, BTW). They update three times a day, and once a day on the weekend, and all of their articles are freaking awesome. I cannot recommend this website highly enough.

10. The Year Without A Santa Clause - This is by far my favorite animated Christmas movie. I have to watch it every year, or it just doesn't feel like Christmas. If you've never seen it, you're doing yourself a CHRISTMAS DISSERVICE. It's seriously amazing.

Alright, happy holidays, everybody! I'll update intermittently over the week, but get excited for my end of the year "Best of 2012" lists! Woo!

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