Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something Great Sunday 1-27-13

Sooo, I don't have ten things this week for SGS. I've been really really busy with school, which means I haven't had time to really watch anything or read anything. It kinda sucks, to be honest! But I did do a few things, so here we go.

1. 50/50 - We showed this at the Floyd for the Relay for Life and I watched it with my friends, even though I've seen it before. It's not exactly the greatest movie ever, but it did make me cry like a baby at the end, which is always nice. Sometimes you just gotta cry!

2. The Most Popular Girls in School - So this webseries is TOTALLY NSFW, but it is completely hilarious and amazing. It's a bunch of stop-motion Barbies being high school assholes to each other and I LOVE IT.

3. Pride and Prejudice - I freaking love this movie and I'm watching it with my friends tonight if we all finish our homework. Psyched to cry at the end! Darcy is my homeboy.

4. Bo Burnham's Words Words Words - My friends are pretty obsessed with this special on Netflix, and I gotta tell you, it's pretty funny. My favorite song on it is "Art Is Dead".

5. This sneak peek from an upcoming Adventure Time episode - IT'S MARSHALL LEE!!! IT!!IS!!MARSHALL!!LEE!!

6. The Writing Life by Annie Dillard - I had to read this for English class, and even though it got off to kind of a confusing start, it ended up being a really interesting and somewhat inspiring read! It's short, too.

7. Coachella line-up - I could literally cry at this beautiful, beautiful line-up. There are SO MANY GOOD BANDS ARGH. Too bad I can't go. :(

8. The Whole Story: Winter 2013 Kickstarter - Seriously, go contribute to this Kickstarter. I paid $26 and I'm now getting 1600 pages of comics. AMAZING! And they're quality comics, too. I'm stoked. Go here NOW.

Sorry guys, I'm kind of exhausted. Don't ask me why - I've gotten plenty of sleep this weekend. Haven't gone to any parties or anything. Whatever. I'll definitely have ten things next week, and maybe even some kind of a review! I'm sorry I'm such a bad blogger :( I love you guys!

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