Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something Great Sunday 1-13-13

Yay for the first SGS of the year! I would have done one a week ago but I had just moved back into my dorm room and it was, in a word, HECTIC. But let's talk great things.

1. Holy Motors - We showed this movie in the Floyd and I really liked it! It was extremely confusing and weird, though. I had to try really hard to understand it, which was fun. Denis Lavant was amazing, and I'll be writing a review of it soon.

2. Buying textbooks - JUST KIDDING screw buying textbooks.

3. Pokemon X and Y - I'm unreasonably excited about this game, especially about the fact that I already have a 3DS so I don't have to buy one specifically for it! I'm totally getting Pokemon X, 'cause look at that beautiful legendary. I'll probably pick the water starter, too.

4. Okamiden - I got this game a million years ago but never beat it, so I've been using it to procrastinate lately. It's pretty fun, although the cut scenes are TOO LONG, and it's a nice alternative to the original game (Okami, my favorite game EVER) if you don't have a PS2, like me.

5. Les Misérables - I saw this movie with some of my friends, and it was great! Super enjoyable, despite being so sad. A review is forthcoming!

6. Reading Daniel Handler short stories in English - Get your hands on the short story "Naturally" if you can, it's from his book Adverbs and it's great.

7. OSCAR NOMINATIONS - I am PUMPED about these nominations, especially Quvenzhané Wallis and ParaNorman. I love Quvenzhané, guys.

8. Watching Aventure Time - Me and my friends Corey and Hannah are making it a weekly thing to watch Adventure Time together. Aren't we adorable college students?

9. Django Unchained - This movie is INCREDIBLE! Quentin, ya done it again.

10. Frida Kahlo's closet being revealed to the public - I love media, and art is media, and Frida Kahlo is my number one idol, so seeing her closet get revealed a few days ago was really exciting! The video is fascinating and you should totally watch it.

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